Things to Consider when you Hire a Marquee in Chester

Marquee Hire Tips in ChesterIf you are planning a wedding in Chester or thinking of holding a corporate event or party in this great area of Deeside, North Wales and Cheshire, then a wonderful option is to hire a marquee to stage your event. A beautiful white marquee for any wedding will really add a wow factor and create a unique talking point for any other kind of celebration.

There are a few things we get asked quite frequently when we get the initial call about our services and what exactly it entails when you hire a marquee in Chester. So, we thought we’d answer a few of them right here…

When I hire a marquee do I need a license?

In general no, you won’t need a license. However, there are a few factors that could change this. If you are having music, which undoubtedly you will be, then many sites will say that you need to get a license. However, this is only the case if you are looking to profit from the music on offer. For example, if you are selling tickets. So, for a wedding or event you will be OK.

Live-Band-in-a-MarqueeThe only other factor that may require a license is if you are planning on selling alcohol from the marquee. If you are offering a free bar (lucky guests!), then you are fine without a licence but if cash sales are occurring then you will need to either check that the people running the bar are licensed or apply for one with Chester Council.

How do I provide power to a marquee?

There are a couple of options when it comes to providing power in a marquee. In general, the best solution would be to hire a generator with enough juice to power lighting, amplifiers, heaters if required and anything else that might require electric. Another option however depends on just how much energy you require. If it isn’t a lot, for a microphone and small PA system for example, then as long as it reaches and certain safety precautions are taken, you could run an extension from the house. Of course, this depends on location and distance from the property. Our recommendation is a generator as they are more reliable and you won’t be worrying if anything is going to blow.

Marquee-Interior-ChesterWhat will my guests sit on? I don’t have that many chairs and tables!

Don’t worry, furniture hire is something that a good marquee hire company will be able to help you out with. At Skye Marquees we can provide everything from tables, chairs, chair covers, tablecloths, dance floors, lighting, in fact, pretty much anything you can imagine! You name it and we can get it to make your marquee as luxurious as you like. It is your event after all and we just want to help make it easy to arrange and perfect on the day.

Skye Marquees Top Tip for Marquee Hire

Hiring a marquee is a great alternative to spending lots of money on a venue where you may have to make certain compromises (such as space available, noise limiters etc.). Plus, you can pretty much place a marquee in any location that has enough space, which is an added bonus. One of the main concerns for customers in Chester who have come to us to hire a marquee for their party or wedding has been the dreaded UK weather. ‘Will a marquee be able to cope with rain? What about wind?’ Fear not! Most marquees can withstand pretty much all the weather conditions that the UK climate has to throw at them so you can rest assured that it will not put a dampener on your special day. However, whilst a lot of customers worry about the colder and wetter weather aspect, don’t forget that the sunshine can create problems too. So, always try to have a shady area for guests just in case we get one of those rare, beautiful sunny days 😀

Hopefully, this answers a couple of the questions you may have if you are thinking about marquee hire in the Chester area, but, if you do have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help or pop out to do a site visit free of charge.

Published by Skye Marquees